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What is our Story?

Social Crunch is a team of unique and highly experienced professionals who focus their drive to be the leading Business Enablers in the U.A.E.

Social Crunch was started with the objective to provide a marketing advantage over the competitors by providing highly strategic strategies. Realizing the marketing potential and the experience to deal with several business operations, our combination of Creativity and Experience is what drives the Solution Strategy for our clients.

We focus on delivering a solution which fits the budget of our clients and reaps better results.

Among our clients


Our Vision

Social Crunch is dedicated to providing the most creative & result-oriented operational, advertising, marketing, and branding solutions for our clients. With our commitment to Customer Care and Service Value, we set the standards at the highest, for ourselves.


Our Mission

Our Mission, at Social Crunch, is to provide our clients with constant and faster growth, by continuously providing new, creative and highly persistent strategies that will make our clients stand out, in the market.


Our Culture

At Social Crunch, we always aim to create new ideas, which have never been attempted or even thought of, as the goal is to make our clients stand out on top.


Our Approach

At Social Crunch, we focus on delivering something with every project. Our turnkey & growth based services don’t just focus on making your brand well presented, but also to synergize the available resources to create and develop a platform which will provide the brand with a strong foundation.


Where are we most experienced?

Here are our expertised skills

Growth requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Our expertise in the following comes from constantly working with clients always willing to grow their business and utilize the potential and opportunities presented to them. We have increased our knowledge in the following segments of the industry.

Operational Analysis

Social Crunch team members are highly analytical members who have an extensive exposure to the Operational side of different businesses. Our in-depth analytical approach exposes the cracks in an organizational structure and evaluates the most accurate value of every resource.

Digital Transition

We have gained knowledge in providing a complete transition plan for businesses which are willing to go digital. The process will involve in setting up your Digital Storefronts, creating the Back-end Team and lay down a specific Activation & Post-Activation strategy to ensure the business will be capable of sustaining a regular growth for the Digital Platform.

Website, E-Commerce & Mobile Apps

Social Crunch has a proficient understanding of Website, E-Commerce and Mobile Application Designing & Development. We expertise in setting several E-Commerce channels like Amazon, Noon, Talabat and even InstaShop for business in F&B and Retail. Some of the sectors utilizing our skill and knowledge are F&B, Pharmaceutical organizations, Fashion and even Retail Businesses for accessories.

Startup Services

Social Crunch will assist Entrepreneurs and Investors to create the opportunity they are looking for. We assist entrepreneurs in creating their Business Plan, Feasibility Study and several other resources required for their idea to grow into a business.

We also provide assistance to Investors to find the right Business Opportunity and provide an extensive report about the opportunities.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Crunch has an extensive understanding of the Local U.A.E. market and a vast experience in creating successful Social Media and Digital Marketing strategies for businesses. We create effective Content Strategies which keep your audiences engaged with your brand to improve footfalls and the community around your brand.

Digital and Offline Campaigns

Social Crunch is well informed and highly experienced in creating Digital & Offline Campaigns which will create an increase in the existing revenue growth and increase the Word of Mouth awareness for your business. We create a hybrid Campaign Plan which will be driven to create new opportunities in the market.


Highly qualified specialists

Gaurav Nathwani

E: gaurav@social-crunch.com

Gaurav’s experience in the Digital industry has provided him with the knowledge and the know-how on the execution of any digital related projects. His efforts have have created a stable foundation for several businesses who have taken the decision on transitioning to the digital forefront. His campaign strategies are focused on creating new potential sales funnel.


April Paulo

E: april@social-crunch.com

April’s international experience and understanding of the gaps in the local market provides her with the aptitude to make several reforms for businesses and even generate several benefiting relations for businesses which aspire to take the next step for their business.


Ashwin Maloor

E: ashwin@social-crunch.com

Ashwin’s exposure to the U.A.E. market and consistent presence in the cinematic & content creation industry has provided him with an advantage to better lead the content creation & strategic teams. His creative direction always results with the team creating unique content for every client which is strategically effective for their target audience.


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