Social Media Marketing

This is where the magic begins.

With shrinking screens and attention spans, micro-content like GIFs/Animations & Shorter Clips have emerged victoriously.

Social Crunch’s early adoption of these formats, coupled with an in-house production team, gives us an edge by allowing us to deliver quicker and impacting content which is cost-efficient.

  • Social Media Management

    We help you increase your presence online. Our Social Media team develops strategies to offer your business excellent materials from photos, videos, hashtags, and content writing. Our aim is to produce exclusive materials based on your business needs.

  • Content Creation

    Content is your core element in introducing your business to the market. Fresh content always attracts customers’ curious mind and thus, we carry out in-depth research to make sure that your campaigns are out of the ordinary and not repetitive.

  • Database Monitoring & Engagement

    We offer consistent management through to get you the feedback your company needs. Reputation is what every business upholds to and that is what we provide you.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We want to make sure that you’re always on top of the market. Market research is our key in generating informative competitor analysis to evaluate improvement needed in each platform.

  • Reporting & Social Listening

    We submit analytical reports to keep you posted on the performance of your business in the market. Knowledge on the past, current, and future trends will help you improve and innovate your assets.

Photography & Videography

Our in-house content creation team is well equipped & highly creative to generate unique & highly engaging content. Our Food Photographers partnered up with our Food Stylists generate food-based content which will keep the viewers hungry!

Engaging Storytelling Strategy

Our Storytelling creates an engaging community around your brand, which always focuses on an unconscious Pull-Strategy to create either a long-term Word-of-Mouth effect or highly engaging conversions for that campaign.

Competitor Analysis & Social Listening

Our analytical team is always focussed on monitoring your competition and analyzing the trends which the F&B industry can hop-on to. We focus on using every factor to the advantage of our clients.

Flexible Pricing

Our objective is to ensure that F&B brands of all sizes can get a scoop of our expertise. Our payment plans and flexibility always drives to first ensuring your benefit which will provide a stronger relationship.

Social Crunch

Digital Campaigns

Social Crunch has a special division for Digital Campaigns.

With the world going digital, it is crucial for all marketing & communication activities to be on the same level. Our specialized team is purely focused on creating buzzing & highly engaging digital campaigns which focus on launching a new product, enhancing sales for an existing product, or even working in promoting multiple scopes.

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